Our Issues

We share many issues with other Angelenos, but we face some unique challenges because of our location. We are at the edge of LA City, just northeast of Weho and south of the Hills. Our mix of multi-resident buildings separates us from the single-family homes to the east and north of us. As a result, we are often overlooked and neglected by city officials, agencies and departments who don’t realize we have different needs than nearby neighborhoods.

Issues which affect us include:

  • Traffic, especially cut-through traffic from the major streets that border us
  • Commercial development along Sunset Blvd
  • Street services, including maintenance of our sidewalks and parkways
  • Crime, especially garage break-ins
  • Trash and littering
  • Lack of community and organization typical with condo/apartment buildings

If you have other issues or concerns you’d like to see addressed, please let us know!